Heat and Summer jobs

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Heyo!! We’re pretty much set to start living in Leavenworth, WA for the summer. All the belts on the Twinkie have been replaced, most of the electrics work ( still figuring it all out), and the A/C in dash and rooftop blow cold. We just need tires and airbag springs. The 16.5 x 8.75 10 ply firestone tires are coming from http://www.tirerack.com and the airbags are being replaced with the Sullybilt system from Seattle Collision Center.
Temps for the next week will be in the 100’s. If anything is gonna break, this will be the time. Fingers crossed and prayers sent!!



She made it 100 miles to our spot for the summer. No vapor lock… Unplugged vapor canister, took off gas cap, replaced fuel filter. Blew 2 belts before i left, so all i had for 100 miles in the blazing desert heat was A/C that I couldn’t use because, well, no alternator.


Rescuing our Moho…

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Well… I go back to the GMC (our Twinkie) today to rescue her. She sits at mom in laws house in the high desert mountains…  I’m hoping to get 2 issues fixed today. 1) vapor lock… Unplugging the vapor canister, leaving off the gas cap while driving back at night while the temperature is low, and cleaning out vapor vent(? [i forget the name]). And 2) battery charging… Tightening the v- belt to the alternator and wiring the starter battery directly instead of through the isolator. I think there’s a bolt in the back of the alternator that needs some tlc as well. Wish me luck!

We have a Gofundme

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We are asking for donations to help get us safe and road worthy so we can provide ministry and compassion to those whom society ignores.


Been a week

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One week in… Stranded in the desert… No money… Still thankful. With an aging rv of 41 years, although it’s been remodeled 25 years ago, still suffers vapor lock. Thank goodness we were near people we knew, so our home is sitting safe, but it’s our home and we need to get going.



Day 4

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So… Got the airbags and tires aired up. Manual air valve on the passenger side and normal airbag operation on the driver’s side… But wait!!! Now we’re bringing the alternator into town to be tested since the refurbished replacement has stripped threads on a bolt hole. Ugh.

Full time… Day 1.

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So… Here we are. Full time on the road but no rv yet. 3 more days until we see the GMC and get to working on the airbag suspension inflation. I talked to the PO ( previous owner) a few days ago and they say that this coach runs beautifully and everything works, minus the airbag suspension not airing up. We’re so nervous but excited at the same time. Nomads we be!!


Photo was taken as we drove through the Wenatchee National Forest on Blewitt Pass.

It’s finally happening

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2 days to go until we’re out of puyallup. We’re having a living room “jump n ship” sale. Basically giving our stuff away for pennies on the dollar. Lots of this stuff is stuff we really don’t want to get rid of. It’s sad and exciting within the very same moment. We’re also nervous about the unknown and the lack of funds we’ve encountered as our deadline creeps up on us.




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We’re so excited! The time is almost here. We’re getting rid of most of our stuff and finding that it’s way harder to let go of things we’ve had for years for pennies on the dollar. Now we find ourselves donating about 80 per cent of everything we’re not bringing with. Other things we can’t bring with but are keeping, is artwork and personal items that we can’t part with. Less than 7 days to go!!!


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We’re getting closer to move in! It’s happening way sooner than planned due to family issues, and we have to squeeze any money we have out of the stuff we’re not gonna need or have room for… That seems to be what’s stressing the mister out, but hat’s not such a huge deal though. The misses doesn’t seem to be stressing about much… I like where things are going here.

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