Stopped in to see the pooches

Posted: September 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sunday September 20

Well it seems the smoke from the wild fires is lifting, thank goodness.Today is beautiful , but windy. A whopping 81 degrees.

Launce and I decided wed go on over to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society and see all the sweet fur babies. we pretty much fell in love with like 14 dogs. Each one for different reasons. Wish i could take them all with us in our humongous (not)26 ft RV (not all but most). any how, were in the area where all the yappers and puppies were and an older woman is looking and loving on puppies and such and she decides to open a kennel to get to know this older male lopsa apsa and that dam dog came barreling out with a vengence. Ran over to another male dogs kennel and barked and snarled at that dog. That older woman had no idea what had just happened. She was trying to get that dog away and redirect but she couldnt. I jumped into action. Searched for a leash, found one, and tried frantically to loop it around that little viscious assholes head. All the while he was trying to bite anyone getting near. Finally he was wrangled and reprimanded then put back. I look up on his profile and it says ” plays great with other dogs”. My ass,he doesnt even play well with people . he was out for blood. Needless to say it took me about 10 minutes to recover and lower my heart rate. Well we let the staff know what had happened so hopefully nobody gets hurt. We moved on finally with a smile and were glad none of the rowdies were coming home with us.(its loud in there)

Our furkid josie

Our furkid josie


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