Heat and Summer jobs

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Heyo!! We’re pretty much set to start living in Leavenworth, WA for the summer. All the belts on the Twinkie have been replaced, most of the electrics work ( still figuring it all out), and the A/C in dash and rooftop blow cold. We just need tires and airbag springs. The 16.5 x 8.75 10 ply firestone tires are coming from http://www.tirerack.com and the airbags are being replaced with the Sullybilt system from Seattle Collision Center.
Temps for the next week will be in the 100’s. If anything is gonna break, this will be the time. Fingers crossed and prayers sent!!


  1. Mountainmaven says:

    So cool to see the Twinkie getting a much deserved make over!

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