Rescuing our Moho…

Posted: June 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well… I go back to the GMC (our Twinkie) today to rescue her. She sits at mom in laws house in the high desert mountains…  I’m hoping to get 2 issues fixed today. 1) vapor lock… Unplugging the vapor canister, leaving off the gas cap while driving back at night while the temperature is low, and cleaning out vapor vent(? [i forget the name]). And 2) battery charging… Tightening the v- belt to the alternator and wiring the starter battery directly instead of through the isolator. I think there’s a bolt in the back of the alternator that needs some tlc as well. Wish me luck!

  1. M&W says:

    Regarding the vapor lock – that happens when the gasoline boils into vapor before it gets to the carb. The fuel pump is trying to pump liquid, but it’s now a gas. The fuel in the carb can also boil before it gets jetted into the intake manifold. This was a pretty common problem back in the last century. I had it happen on my ’69 Camaro before. I bought this heat sleeve material made by Mr. Gasket, that insulated the metal fuel line between the pump and the carb. The fuel line ran very close to the headers, so mine would vapor lock. It seemed to work. I’m not sure what your fuel line layout looks like; but I would start at the carb and work your way back. Finally, they make a thick gasket insulator that goes between the carb and the intake manifold, which can also help. But, it will raise your carb up about 1/4″, which might cause the air cleaner to rub the engine cover.

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    • We have an aluminum intake and phenolic spacer between the carb and intake. Also, one of the previous owners built the engine cover upwards. All I did to temporarily fix it was to drive with the gas cap off and wooden clothespins on the metal fuel line. Next is an electric fuel pump mounted in front of the fuel tanks used as a pusher. Thank you!


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